Shaded Triangles
Information Highway
Changing Gears
Fractured Red
Uncommon Buckeye
Chicken Soup
Old Timer
So Many Triangles
Graffiti Gears
Robin in Blue
Dollar Store Candy Dish
Hay Rake Retired
Ice Storm
Wooden Bowl
Tomato Jar
Somebody Say Treat?
Fractal Circus
Blue Ice
3 Leaves.jpg
Green Gears
Do Roosters have Eyebrows?
View From the Farmhouse
Leaf Fossils
Vintage Coke
Lemons and Glass Balls
Angel's Trumpet
Fixin' Fence
Portrait of a Great Blue
Triangular Sunrise
Winter Silence
Raised on Bluebonnets
Rainbow Ball Jar
The Architecture of Trees
Hiding Amongst the Clarinet Reeds
Fractal Pattern - Fast Cars, Rainy Night
Icons in Blue
Hereford Calf
Raised on BLuebonnets II.jpg
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